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A Letter From the Founders

by Ancient Ritual
Cultivating curiosity.

2 min readNovember 16, 2022

Rooting the future of well-being in the home.

Since 2020, our world has been rocked by the advent of COVID-19. It forced us, like many others, to not only shelter in place and go inward, but to approach ourselves with more authenticity in a rapidly changing society around us. We reflected on our impact not only as founders and fathers, but as collaborators and citizens of the world. Since the time Matthew and I met nearly 20 years ago, we had always navigated the landscape of entrepreneurship with a mission to improve people’s lives through joy. Now, with a renewed commitment to provide ease in this increasingly stressful time, we seek to deepen that impact.

With the onset of the pandemic, many of our work-life routines have shifted forever. Remote work has become the new normal, and with it, the boundaries between personal, social, and emotional responsibilities have blurred to new levels. We face daily stressors and challenges in our experiences from anxiety to stress to burnout; so much so that these conversations have begun permeating our culture in narratives like ‘The Great Resignation’, ‘Lifestyle Fatigue’, and even an emerging health standard to recommend anxiety screenings for all adults under 65.

The past few years have left us feeling overwhelmed and overworked, in need of new solutions that invite balance.

We have set out to build that solution—a holistic tool that helps us access our deepest states of physical and mental well-being, from the practical convenience of home.

Born out of a shared desire to genuinely help others, we are incredibly grateful to our incredible team of partners, designers, engineers, and investors who have helped craft this mission into a tangible product that will soon be put to good use in people’s homes.

Thank you to all who have supported us along the way. Through this community, we continue to feel inspired and work hard at something we believe in—a journey to add more harmony and restoration to the world we’re a part of.

In health,

David Bladow


Matthew Schwab